Why I Left the “Left:” How Democrats Are Endangering Democracy

After voting for Democrats as the supposed lesser of two evils all my life, I simply cannot do it anymore. I abstained from voting in the 2020 election, and I am now filled with such vehement loathing for the Democrats that I doubt I will ever vote for them again. The Democratic Party today is no longer the lesser of two evils; they pose a grave threat to liberty and democracy, but people continue to vote for them on the basis of outdated, political scripts that no longer apply.

The Democrats Are Elitist Corporatists Who Abandoned the Working Class

The Democratic Party of my lifetime is a neo-liberal nightmare, the worst of conservatives' adoration of capitalist excess without any of the ameliorating concern for supporting local community and self-reliance. Democrats overwhelmingly support the exploitative and often monopolistic corporatism that destroys American jobs and fair wages, exploits foreign workers, destroys the environment, and replaces self-sovereignty with dependence on an increasingly controlling state. Democrats’ enchantment with government programs as a universal solution to every problem shepherds the lower classes into perpetual dependence on degrading government programs that their more affluent supporters would never themselves abide.

After living a in a locale that is controlled by Democrats at every level from the federal offices down, I observed the corruption that is rampant in the Democratic party. I watched as career politicians sold our societal institutions to their wealthy compatriots year after year. For illustration, see Kathy Hochul’s recent scandal in which she awarded an inflated COVID testing contract to one of her donors or her attempt to use New York’s Penn Station to enrich another campaign donor. Nearly every policy proposal from Democrats, especially those under the pretext of helping citizens, accrues to the benefit of already wealthy investors instead of the people. New York Democrats carved up the city and state and gave it to the highest bidder with substantial tax breaks while citizens struggled to survive and public space was overtaken by private, commercial interests.

When the Democrats do propose policies that are ostensibly aimed at improving citizens’ lives, the policies tend to provide much greater benefit to profitable industries. Obama ensured that private insurers got a huge windfall with the Affordable Care Act by trying to force every single individual to purchase an expensive financial instrument whether they wanted it or not or could afford it or not. Being forced to buy an expensive commercial product is not less onerous simply because the government might offset some of the exorbitant cost that you now have to bear with your life hours. If the Democrats truly cared about making healthcare more accessible and affordable to Americans, they would have bypassed the insurance industry entirely and expended more funds directly to medical clinics and hospitals, especially in economically depressed and rural areas without strings attached. They would have made healthcare services more accessible by making services more directly affordable without requiring already economically burdened populations to finance the profit earnings of insurers. Instead, they penalized the most financially disempowered and underemployed by initiating a wealth transfer from the least affluent to insurance companies.

Similarly, Public Service Loan Forgiveness offers substantial benefit to a minority of people who are among the most privileged in the country, including those who attended the most hallowed and expensive universities in the nation and who are counted among the elite once they graduate. It provides little assistance to the less privileged—the majority of the population who did not obtain a college degree, the people who attended less expensive community colleges, people who did not get a second degree, and the people who opted for trade education that does not result in a white collar, “public service” job. Federal loan forgiveness is a boon from the managerial class to itself while forsaking the blue collar and working classes. But the greatest windfall of the loan forgiveness program is to the academic institutions that get the government to subsidize the outrageous costs of their ever-growing tuition and expansion that makes the university industry so profitable.

Additionally, Democrats routinely partner with wealthy, unelected individuals like George Norcross who, through their connections with Democrats, get to control local policies without the input of the citizenry. The Democratic Party system is corrupt and undemocratic, and as a result we continually get establishment candidates who serve corporate interests instead of the interests of the voters. There is no point to voting in this system because only establishment candidates who go along with the graft win. And because the electoral races were never competitive in any of the neighborhoods I lived in New York City, Democratic officials did not have to pay any mind to what their constituents wanted since there is virtually no chance they will be voted out of office. I am sick of pretending that the Democratic Party represents an actual democratic choice or a fair political process that puts citizens first. Politics under Democrats are basically a money laundering scheme to funnel public funds to their wealthy partners.

Though Democrats act as though they are the party of environmentalism, this is a feint, just like every other leftist aim still wrongly associated with the party. Democrats repeatedly prioritize corporate profits over the environment, as when Andrew Cuomo successfully pushed to open up New York’s “Forever Wild” lands for drilling or today as Eric Adams strives to sell New York City’s bucolic Governor’s Island to private commercial ventures even though the federal government sold it to New York with the explicit limitation that the island is to be used for “public benefit.” Money, as always, is the primary interest that the Democrats serve, to the detriment of the environment and the people.

Moreover, I saw up close the squalor of public housing, the blatant inequality between federally funded Section 8 housing and market-rate housing within the same buildings, and the substandard conditions of government-funded homeless shelters. It is an open secret, and despite numerous, consecutive Democratic administrations in New York City and State, no politician cares enough to fix these problems. Every few years a scandal arises with some unsafe aspect of government programming followed by much hand-wringing about investigations, changes in leadership, and changes in policy, but nothing ever substantively changes because the Democrats do not care about the disenfranchised population that comprises the clientele for these programs.

Further, the Democrats were eager to shut down the economy these last years, crippling small businesses and substantially expanding the economic disparities that tend to disproportionately impact the people of color who Democrats profess to care so much about. Democrats were callously indifferent to the devastation these policies wrought outside of the overly privileged, Zoom class that comprises the Democratic base, a base that hides their entitlement to sacrifice minority lives for their own comfort and convenience behind their hypocritical Black Lives Matter insignia.

There is nothing morally superior about creating a leviathan of dependency and then pulling the rug out from those who relied on that support. Low-income people will continue to bear the brunt of harm for years to come as the social safety net Democrats use to absolve themselves of guilt gets shrunken and withdrawn in response to the massive budget shortfalls that are the direct consequence of Democrats’ policies in shutting down the economy. It was not COVID that did that; it was the Democrats. They made a calculated decision that harming the most impoverished in society for years to come was worth the power that they derived from a fearfully compliant populace that grew more obsequious the more Democrats manipulated them with polarizing propaganda and who were too terrified to challenge the Democrats’ rampant abuse of emergency powers.

The Democrats will continue bouncing around their Met Galas and other high-tone functions where they can hobnob with celebrities without a care while the poorest among us struggle as a result of Democrats’ actions. They are subordinating the rights of the lower classes to the self-interests of elitist Democrats, who narcissistically define the public good as whatever benefits themselves.

The Democrats Are Abusing and Destroying Civil Rights for Personal Gain

Democrats cynically exploit civil rights as a mere tool in order to gain political support without doing meaningful, substantive work that would actually help the citizens who need to be uplifted. Civil rights are the ace in their pocket that they can use to score easy political points and distract voters away from all the ways the Democrats are failing them. Instead of fighting corporate influence in politics or otherwise holding their elected officials accountable, Democratic voters are channeling all their discontent over their lives into outrage over identity issues that are largely insignificant on a public policy scale rather than issues like inflation, exorbitant housing costs, and environmental pollution, issues that hardly affect the leaders of the Democratic Party because they are insulated with their wealth and privilege from the plight of everyday Americans.

It is the Democrats who have made an art of grievance politics, constantly playing to the fragmented morass of identities in their base to keep voters in a fever pitch of outrage that they hope will translate into high turnout at the polls. They are a party that champions continuous victimhood rather than the aims of agency and resilience that undergirds true civil rights movements. This victimhood ideology also serves to allow the most privileged people in the country to opt-in to victimhood and center themselves in Democratic policies rather than the people who are truly disempowered.

The Democrats are not just colonizing civil rights for their own political gain; they are undermining the gains that minorities, women, and gay people have gained from civil rights movements by trying to force Democrats’ own elitist, cultural norms onto these groups. They are trying to single-handedly dismantle women’s rights and vilify any women who continue to advocate for the sex-based rights that are the foundation of all women’s movements. They are engaged in a regressive campaign to sacrifice parity for a false appearance of equality that ironically centers affluent, white, progressive men above all others while disadvantaging women and minorities. With this effort, the Democrats did away with the one remaining advantage they had over the Republicans, their supposed support of diversity and civil rights.

Instead of advancing civil rights, the dominant progressive wing of the Democratic Party is cheapening the idea of systemic injustice. They are wrongfully using civil rights laws to circumscribe individual expression and religious beliefs, turning anti-discrimination laws into warped civility codes and attempting to compel speech under the auspices of inclusivity. Thanks to their self-interested overuse of civil rights rhetoric in service of illiberal aims, civil rights is now correlated with tyranny in many people’s minds. The progressive wing of the Democratic Party set us up for a huge backlash against civil rights advocacy, and it will be us minorities who will feel the effects and who have been largely robbed of a meaningful ability to communicate our interests in civil rights.

Democrats today continue to be the dangerous foxes that Malcolm X warned us against. The Democrats invariably play to race for their own political gain all the while taking the black and Hispanic votes absolutely for granted. Democrats’ paternalistic attitudes towards black people, whom they frequently talk of as needing guidance and protection the way one would talk of a wayward child, reveal that they are guilty of seeing blacks as inferior, but they are more adept at camouflaging their supremacist attitude as concern.

Democrats are only tolerant of us minorities to the extent that we sacrifice our own values and life experiences and supplant them with the ideologies of privileged, overeducated, overwhelmingly white, secular urbanites. Actual diversity, including especially diversity of thought, is not tolerated in the progressive wings of the Party.

Keeping the focus on race, gender, and other identities allows Democrats to keep black people, women, and other minorities distracted from the policy choices that affect our lives and keeps working class minorities divided from working class whites. They are able to keep the populace fragmented so that we are never able to resist the corporate interests that dominate public policy and, therefore, our very lives.

The Democrats Are A Serious Threat to Democracy

In trying to oust every potential vestige of Trumpian sympathies from within its wings, the Democrats devolved into a purity spiral that silenced not only those to the right and center, but also those to the far left of the Party. In doing so, it became something neither left nor right, but an abomination of elitist authoritarianism cloaked in phony dialectics of collectivism. The Democratic Party has been captured by an insane and extremist wing that is intolerant of diversity of thought, in denial about material reality (gaslighting and punishing anyone who refuses to bend a knee to their incoherent brand of post-modernist ideology), and that seeks to dismantle democratic ideals. The Democrats’ actions over the last two years are more alarming than anything we on the left expected of or experienced under Trump.

Democrats have become a party of disunity, trying to keep us divided and encouraging us to demonize our fellow citizens over differences of opinion. Consequently, they are nurturing a voter base that is increasingly smug, intolerant, and cruel. Democratic voters have become cultish and narrow-minded, quick to dismiss any independent thought as bigotry or Trumpism. Politicians and the legacy media, most of which reflects a Democratic perspective, are setting the example by treating any deviations in thought as ignorance or hate. Consequently, the Party has become an intellectual cesspool, filled with empty slogans, tribal insults, and a with-us-or-against-us attitude that obliterates empathy and robs discourse of all nuance. An atmosphere of Orwellian fear pervades the Democratic Party, with people too afraid to say what they think for fear of the social and career repercussions. Many Democrats are too afraid to be the one who asks why the emperor is naked though many of us are thinking it privately.

This troubling tendency towards cultishness took on a more sinister tone during the pandemic. Democrats spent the past two and half years whipping up their base into an almost genocidal froth, with politicians, pundits, “experts,” and citizens opining that people who dissented from Democratic orthodoxy deserved to be ousted from society and to die, whether from COVID or from Democrat-imposed joblessness, homelessness, starvation, and denial of medical service. Democrats revealed themselves to be, not a party of compassion, but of unmitigated cruelty to anyone who is different from themselves, in essence a party of extraordinary discriminatory animus. Democrats today revel in causing pain to people who are not like themselves.

It was disturbing to witness the eager delight with which the Democrats embraced segregationist policies. The Democrats, despite their high-minded rhetoric, seem to get a pathological thrill out of being at the top of a hierarchical system that excludes those who are different. They are gleefully comfortable with forcing people to choose between Democratic orthodoxy and ruin, a sign of the despotism simmering beneath the surface of their social justice rhetoric. Just because the target of Democrats’ antipathy is assumed right-wingers or “anti-vaxxers” instead of blacks or Jews does not justify them in separating a class of people from societal privileges and stripping them of their political rights and ability to live. Regardless of what group is targeted, depriving a class of people of their political and social rights without due process and solely because they are different is evil. Period. The Democrats are treading the very well-worn path of committing crimes against humanity.

The mobbish groupthink and inclination towards cruelty and discrimination are reason enough to abandon the Democrats, but, in addition, their recent actions serve to destroy fundamental rights that are crucial to a functioning democracy.

Bodily Autonomy is a Fundamental Human Right That Encompasses More Than Abortion

It would be non-sensical for a person like myself who is a staunch supporter of bodily autonomy to vote for Democrats due to their stance on abortion when the remainder of their platform is completely destructive to the concept of bodily autonomy. The right to abortion means very little when the Democrats are exercising control over what goes into and on our bodies on a daily basis. Democrats’ actions in causing the government to interfere in individuals’ health choices and supplanting personalized medical advice with universal government prescriptions set a precedent for the erosion of women’s reproductive rights regardless of the Supreme Court’s actions.

By claiming that government has a right to make medical decisions for citizens, the Democrats themselves completely undermined the basis for constitutional protection of abortion and sexual privacy. We now have to worry about so much more than just the loss of abortion rights. The precedent set by the Democrats these last years enables government to force experimental medical injections onto us; to restrict people’s breathing; to require people to wear devices on a daily basis; to refrain from touching or socializing with loved ones; to restrict movement of persons; to decide what foods people may be permitted to eat; and to push children who are incapable of informed consent to be irreversibly sterilized, mutilated, and deprived of sexual function before they have the capacity to understand the long-term ramifications.

Do we want to leave it to “experts” to decide that potentially eking out a few more months of elderly life alone in a nursing home is more important than seeing and hugging one’s grandchildren, or that substantial losses in child education and development are less grave than children possibly catching respiratory viruses (as they have done throughout history), or that avoiding a mild virus is more rational than spending time with a loved one at a hospital during their final moments of life? In effect, without bodily autonomy we are living in a totalitarian society in which the government gets to control every fundamental aspect of human life. The Democrats are waging war with their aggressive authoritarian posture on the very act of being human.

There are other ways besides abortion to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but there is no effective prophylaxis against a government that is empowered to make health and medical choices for individuals en masse. The only way to protect the integrity of bodily autonomy as a general right in the future is to vote Democrats out of power now.

Politicization of Science and the Delegitimization of Our Institutions

In these last two years, Democrats bred a substantial mistrust in the processes and institutions of science by blurring the line between science and politics so that no one can tell where a purely political judgment ends and independent scientific judgment (if such a thing still exists) begins. Overnight they threw long established scientific principles and data out the window and treated any person still rationally relying on previously disinterested science as enemies of the state.

They blatantly lied about COVID severity and about COVID vaccine efficacy and side effects; they forced a consensus about the experimental and insufficiently tested vaccines on the public before there was sufficient data from which to draw such conclusions; they memory-holed any pre-2020 data that contradicted their actions and created a hostile atmosphere around science in which researchers felt compelled to adapt their findings to the whims of the political leaders; they tracked COVID data in an incomplete and misleading way to support their self-serving agenda of fear and tyranny; and they censored renowned scientists and thinkers who had the courage and integrity to question the errors and inconsistencies in the Democrats’ steamrolling campaign.

Thus, Democrats created an oppressive culture in which it was not possible to engage in the scientific process because questioning itself—the very essence of science—was stigmatized as ignorant and dangerous. To this day we still have not had and may never have a full discussion of the ramifications of the Democrats’ policies and whether and to what extent alternative strategies could have been beneficial.

To the contrary, the Democrats are doubling down on their totalitarian efforts and creating legislation to force more people to become mouthpieces of the state, as recently done in California with the bill that will punish doctors who do not blindly regurgitate government dogma. By preventing questioning of state doctrines, Democrats are essentially saying that the government is always right even when it may be wrong. Challenging the government when it is wrong—and we only need to look to history to see that it has been wrong many times over—is a democratic imperative that the Bill of Rights is meant to protect, but the Democrats are quickly chipping away at this right.

Obliteration of Free Speech and Persecution of Critics

The Democrats are destroying our vital First Amendment rights, trying to extinguish the rights of speech, association, and religion of everyone who thinks differently than they do. They aim to destroy true diversity and replace it with a nominal facsimile that will only reflect back Democrats’ own elitist, urban, progressive orthodoxy.

In the last two years, the Democrats made their hostility to diversity of thought and free speech more apparent as the Biden administration publicly and repeatedly called for censorship of the Party’s critics and colluded with tech companies to censor dissidents and obstruct political organizing. Under the guise of controlling “misinformation” and fighting “domestic terrorism,” Biden and the Democrats are heading down a dystopian path as they stridently seek to stifle political opponents and critics while their fawning voter base, already trained not to question, look the other way.

After Trump’s election, the Democrats aggressively shifted into intellectual puerility, fostering a with-us-or-against-us culture that left their voters deeply and unreasonably uncomfortable with the fact that other people can and do have differences of opinion. They exhibited for years now an intent to stamp out the heterodoxy that makes a culture intellectually stimulating and replaced diversity of opinions with a sanctimonious groupthink. The Democrats’ inability to appreciate that disagreement is not itself a sign of stupidity or ill will shows how sheltered and out of touch they are with the gamut of life experiences that exist. But worse, it makes them incredibly dangerous because their inability to tolerate disagreement makes them feel entitled to silence dissent and virtuous about doing so.

The Democrats, formerly the party that championed free speech, went to great lengths these last few years to normalize censorship to an extent that would make Joseph McCarthy envious. They are using their power over government, media, and technology to silence people who disagree with them, including those on the left. The adverse impact this is having on the censored is chilling in and of itself, but Democrats fail to realize that they are harming themselves as well. They are becoming more and more siloed in an extremist groupthink that is incapable of nuance, compassion, or reason; and they do not realize how narrow-minded and dogmatic they have become or how much they have flattened the intellectual discourse to which they are privy.

The Democrats try to paint the Republicans as the party of censorship, but the issues of censorship in question are usually an attempt by conservatives to negotiate their parental rights for the intended benefit of their children, rightly or wrongly, in the context of a bureaucratic relationship with a government entity that is using its immense power to elevate certain content to visibility before minors. The free speech question of where to draw the line between parental rights and government influence is minor compared to the massive censorship campaign the Democrats are waging against the public. The very fact that Democrats are censoring adults from consensually receiving information should be a red flag for anyone who believes in free speech. There is at least an argument to be made for conservatives that their desire to censor books in schools is an assertion of parental liberty in the face of a potentially overreaching government, but there is no such argument to be made for the Democrats.

Democrats are knowingly infringing on adult citizens’ free speech rights solely so they can control the flow of information between private citizens precisely because they want to control how people think. They are bent on controlling the exchange of information between consenting adults in a sinister effort to gain monopolistic control over the narratives around our shared reality and to prevent people from thinking for themselves. It is an incursion that infantilizes citizens and creates a precedent that any speech can be interfered with by government at any time.

Democrats, under the auspices of a powerful government, are directing technology platforms to stifle their political opposition. For the past two and half years, Democrats prevented people from criticizing their actions and associating with other critics, thereby robbing people of political agency and expression. They are growing bolder and further expanding government programs to censor citizens in violation of the First Amendment.

Democrats overplayed the January 6 protest because doing so gives them a basis from which they can falsely claim a continual emergency need to surveil and censor ordinary American citizens as the urgency of the pandemic wanes too much to continue providing a pretext for their censorship goals. These are the undemocratic actions of despots, which have no place in a free, liberal society. With Democrats at the helm, we are well on our way to losing the freedom to challenge government.

The Destruction of Religious Freedom and the Imposition of a Technocratic Creed

In addition to their efforts to erode free speech rights, the Democrats are also highly antagonistic to the First Amendment right to free exercise of religion. The scorn with which Democrats treat religious beliefs is appalling. They are trying to create a homogeneous, secular society by force of law. They do not think that individuals should be able to decide for themselves essential, metaphysical questions about what it means to be human, to be a part of a community, and how to live and die.

Democrats frequently eschew religious freedom, seemingly deciding that every person must subordinate their religious beliefs to the orthodoxy of the Democrats. As with free speech, Democrats are supportive of religious freedom only as long as you use that freedom to believe exactly what Democrats think you should believe. In their ideal world, our “freedom” is only that which Democrats allow us to have to the extent they allow us to have it. Democrats seek to be the ultimate arbiters on what citizens are allowed to believe.

I voted against the Republican party all my life, in large part, because I did not want the Religious Right using government to force their Christian beliefs on everyone else. Now Democrats are using government to force their secular, technocratic creed onto all of us. The imposition is no less repugnant because it is couched in terms of expertise and inclusivity instead of God.

Abuse of Powers and Disregard for Rule of Law

Finally, Democrats are abusing government power in violation of constitutional and statutory norms and principles. For almost three years, Democrats operated outside of the confines of constitutional policymaking and declared their own policies and mandates by fiat without giving citizens due process or an opportunity to be heard. That kind of government action is exactly the kind of dictatorial tyranny that our political system is meant to prevent. The fact that Democrats eagerly governed for over two years without giving their citizens a say lays bare the tyrannical impulses that betray the Party’s supposed support of democracy.

Even if it was reasonable to resort to emergency powers in the initial stages of the pandemic in early 2020, there is no liberal justification for executive figures retaining that power for years in lieu of legislatures fulfilling their designated lawmaking role with input from the citizenry. By unapologetically divesting citizens of this constitutional imperative throughout the pandemic, Democrats deprived all of us of a democratic system for years. This should not stand. Further, much of the policies that were instituted under Democratic leadership these last years were created by unelected bureaucrats who do not answer to citizens and who cannot be voted out of office. The pandemic gave us a glimpse of the governmental order the Democrats would like to impose on us, one that is anti-democratic in nature and which gives extraordinary power to unelected “experts” to regulate the quotidian details of citizens’ lives.

The Democrats seem to despise the notion that citizens should have agency in their relationship with government. This is evident in Democrats mandating emergency medical medicine and devices in willful violation of citizens’ statutory right under federal law to reject the same. Many of them also subjected state employees to unconstitutional conditions by forcing the workers to choose between bodily autonomy and their livelihoods. Democrats also, in complete disregard of labor rights, ignored the collective bargaining agreements for their workers and unilaterally imposed new terms and conditions of employment in violation of labor contracts. All of these actions reveal Democrats’ disdain for individual autonomy, workers’ rights, and rule of law in general. A political party that will not respect the Constitution or existing law is a danger to our democratic system.

Their modus operandi is to blatantly and willfully violate the Constitution knowing that even if their actions are challenged and struck down by the courts, they will still get millions of people to comply with their unlawful decrees in the meantime. Democrats have become too confident in this strategy of tyranny, and their recent successes to control the populace by governing outside the law has emboldened them further. Democrats will not respect the Constitution and rule of law unless and until voters hold them accountable.

In fact, there is a tendency in the progressive wing of the Party to be dismissive of the idea of individual liberty in general, including constitutionally protected rights. Those of us who objected to the Democrats’ actions these last couple of years on constitutional grounds have been readily dismissed and lambasted. It further signifies a disturbing trend of an anti-democratic mindset on the left, with many Democrats sincerely arguing that democracy and freedom are too inexpedient to progressive goals to be permitted. They make these arguments in full light of the fact that such freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution and no permission is needed to exercise those rights.

Additionally, Democrats increasingly fall back to inflammatory rhetoric about what is supposedly at stake to convince people to dispose of democratic ideals in order to ensure Democrats’ future wins. Preserving democracy is more important than Democrats winning, but their attempts to convince us otherwise are paving the way for despotism. At best, they are sowing substantial doubt in the legitimacy of our governmental institutions and processes among the public. At worse, they want to change the system so that Democrats’ opponents will no longer have a voice in the system. It is the Democrats' actions that are causing people on both sides of the aisle to lose faith in the system (their voter base because they are being conditioned to see democracy as a bad thing and everyone else because they are the victims of Democrats’ antipathy for pluralism).

It bears repeating that Democrats are in the midst of a massive censorship and propaganda campaign worthy of a dystopian novel. This illiberal thinking has become so common on the left that Biden’s administration openly talks about censoring private citizens at White House press conferences in willful violation of the First Amendment. The Biden administration’s recent efforts in censoring often factual “misinformation” on social media through its collaboration with tech companies, its stated interest in suppressing “disinformation” in the future, and the extremely heavy-handed propaganda that it had embedded in entertainment media (notably without advertising disclaimers) all evince the intent of Democratic Party to exercise control over people’s minds and refuse to allow any room for disagreement with the government.

It is against this backdrop that the Democrats’ failures in reining in mass surveillance of American citizens and the push for increased technological surveillance—such as proposals to use biometric technology in schools and applications for social services and the idea of a digital currency—is so disturbing. In addition to the fact that such use of technology by government could easily violate our right to freedom from unreasonable searches, the Democrats have shown themselves to be incapable of respecting the sovereignty of the private individual. They are already abusing technology to stifle opposition, and the prospects of how much more cruelty and damage the Democrats could inflict on critics and protestors once routine use of biometric data is normalized is chilling.

Underlying the abuse of power and censorship is a deep current of anti-populism in the Democratic Party. Democrats detest when ordinary people eschew the governance of the elite managerial class and opt to make their own choices for themselves. When Democrats confront the reality of citizens in this country who still believe in the Liberal philosophy of our political system and who refuse to fall in line with Democrats’ goals, they label those people idiots, bigots, or domestic terrorists and try to use that label as a rationale to divest them of autonomy. This is a dramatic fault line in the politics of our country, a divide between authoritarians and believers of Liberalism.

Democrats are heavily invested in the authoritarian goal of divesting individuals of control over their lives and replacing a government by the people and for the people with a managerial, priest class that dictates to the rest of us how we must live. If Democrats fulfill their vision, we will be living in a society in which the government does not have to obey the will of the people; but rather, the people obey the will of the elite class who run government. We the people will exist solely as objects to be prodded and manipulated into compliance with the managerial expectations of government, expectations that serve to enrich Democrat politicians’ wealthy partners. We are the product, and Democrats are using the power of government to sell us to their highest bidders. No party that treats citizens like fungible commodities should be in power in a democratic republic.

The Soul of the Nation is at Stake

Biden is right that we are at an inflection point for the soul of this country. Between political graft, disdain for individual sovereignty, hostility to pluralism and dissent, and their willful failure to obey the Constitution and the rule of law, Democrats endanger the Liberal foundations of the political system that makes our country a beacon of freedom and democracy. To save the soul of this country, we need to vote the Democrats out.